The Fire in the Sky

4 Jul

We decided to spend the somewhat long, but short weekend in Bossier City, Louisiana.  I am a planner so this trip for me was somewhat difficult.  We had planned on driving the 3 hours from Austin to Rusk, Texas to ride on the Texas State Railroad and while we were there we decided to continue on to Bossier City.  We didn’t have a room booked and just winged it by booking online via our cell phones.  The hotel turned out nice and well located, but the only bummer was that we did not get the chance to stay longer since I had to get back to work on the 5th (major bummer, I know).

Bossier City Hotel

We ended up staying up for over 24 hours and straggled into the hotel around 7 AM after a fun night of gambling.  We knew check out was at 11, but we didn’t have any luggage since we had only anticipated a day trip to Rusk.  We didn’t win big, but we also didn’t lose so I’d go back.  All in all – this trip was way better than one of our prior July 4 trips to Corpus Christi.  We saw fireworks in the sky while driving home as we seemed to drive through some country town that the whole town came out to see the show.

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