La Holllllla!

19 Apr

San Bernardo Winery - CaliforniaI had a great time  in La Jolla with all of the ladies who showed up for my pal Ting Tangs Bachelerotte Party.  We spent one afternoon touring wineries and my favorite was Bernardino Winery.  It is an urban winery, which means they do not neccesarily grow the grapes on the land they make the wine.  Just imagine you drive through a city where the Golden Girls live (yes, Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy, etc) and up pops a winery.  Pretty cool and getting to meet the owner/wine maker was a major plus.  He wasn’t all hoity toity and obliged my request to tell me how people test a wine.  I like to joke with one of my pals when we go out – I’ll call her Baby Gorilla, and tell her to check the wine.  It’s interesting the 5 steps, but I prefer the answer the wine maker gave – If you like the wine, drink the wine, if you don’t like it – don’t drink it.  All pretentiousness removed.


San Bernado Winery Tour - La Jolla

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