100 Days of Salad – Days 1 and 2

6 Apr

I’ve decided that it is time to try something new.  I was on a really long stir-fry kick, but now I think I want to try 100 days of salad.  Tasty lettuce mixed with a bevy of ingredients.  Who could ask for more.

The only thing is I’ve embarked on 100 days of salad after finishing days one and two. Oh well – you can get a good idea by looking at the recipes.


April 5th, Jimbara and I tried out a new restaurant in the Domain http://www.austincakeball.com/kitchenandbar 

We had a great server – Kimmy I think.  She had some great suggestions and was always a step ahead of my requests.  We ordered plenty of things:

  • The hummus platter – Loved the edamame parmesean hummus, could have done without the carrot
  • Deviled Eggs platter – Mhmmm so tasty, so tasty.  I ate four and Jimbara had to suffice with one!
  • Jimbara had the short ribs, the ribs were fine but thought the polenta could be better.
  • For dessert I had the vanilla cakeball and Jimbara had half the devils cake.  Both were delicious and worthy of the price.

The creme-de-la-creme was my salad crispy goat cheese, with pickled onions, pecans and a cherry vinaigrette.  My plate was 100% clean.  In fact I enjoyed the salad so much I attempted to recreate for lunch today!


Here’s what I did:

Followed this tasty recipe for fried goat cheese: http://www.thehungrymouse.com/2010/12/23/crispy-fried-goat-cheese/ the only change I made was to use crumbles shaped into mini balls.  I popped the mini balls into the freezer for 10 minutes or so and they were easy to fry right up.

For the rest of the salad I used this recipe with very few mods (other than using less of the crumbled goat cheese and adding in my fried goat cheese – in addition to canned beets.)  http://allrecipes.com/recipe/beet-salad-with-goat-cheese/


Well tomorrow, I’ll be sure to post a photo of my salad and share with you.


XOXO Salad Girl

Beautiful Pics of NYC

26 Mar

Not all of these pics are mine, but I sure felt like they captured the spirit of NYC.

Nice pic of NYC from TripAdvisor (my fave site in the world)

New York City courtesy of TripAdvisor

The boyfriend indulged my somewhat stalker like desire to go to NYC to see the NKOTB.  We had front row tickets of the first mezzanine – slightly left of stage.  Life is great!!

Radio City Music Hall - For a few nights home of the New Kids on the Block (NKOTB)

Radio City Music Hall - For a few nights home of the New Kids

NKOTB Radio City Music Hall

NKOTB Radio City Music Hall

The Fire in the Sky

4 Jul

We decided to spend the somewhat long, but short weekend in Bossier City, Louisiana.  I am a planner so this trip for me was somewhat difficult.  We had planned on driving the 3 hours from Austin to Rusk, Texas to ride on the Texas State Railroad and while we were there we decided to continue on to Bossier City.  We didn’t have a room booked and just winged it by booking online via our cell phones.  The hotel turned out nice and well located, but the only bummer was that we did not get the chance to stay longer since I had to get back to work on the 5th (major bummer, I know).

Bossier City Hotel

We ended up staying up for over 24 hours and straggled into the hotel around 7 AM after a fun night of gambling.  We knew check out was at 11, but we didn’t have any luggage since we had only anticipated a day trip to Rusk.  We didn’t win big, but we also didn’t lose so I’d go back.  All in all – this trip was way better than one of our prior July 4 trips to Corpus Christi.  We saw fireworks in the sky while driving home as we seemed to drive through some country town that the whole town came out to see the show.

Chelsea Highline and the 18 Bridges Tour

20 Jun

We had quite an action packed day for our vacation that included the Chelsea Highline and a really unique cruise around the island of Manhattan.  We had a lot of fun walking on the Highline, but I’m not certain it would have been as exciting if we didn’t have plans to go to Chelsea Pier afterward.  Maybe I’m spoiled because Austin has such nice parks and all of the fun times we have had in Central Park, but I didn’t see the need or have the desire to stay at the Highline for that long of a time. It was okay for a quick walk, but for me the main draw was the architectural feat of creating a park on an abandoned rail line.

Chelsea Highline NYC 18 Bridges Tour NYC

The 18 Bridges tour was really cool.  The description on Zerve was “Step aboard the luxurious yacht Manhattan for a full round-Manhattan cruise that takes an in depth look at the engineering marvels of New York City’s fantastic, historic and wildly different bridges, tunnelsinfrastructure and mass transit feats! Tour includes content on city planning, Robert Moses, housing and architecture as well!

John Kriskiewicz, professor of Architecture and City Planning at Parsons and FIT is your host, on this relaxing afternoon cruise.”

This was the best cruises that I have been on except for my bout of seasickness.  Mr. Kriskiewicz was highly engaging and some of the times I miss school  for the great minds and entertainers (yes, I think learning is entertaining and fun when done right). Unfortunately I passed out for awhile after closing my eyes trying to make my stomach stop jumping.  I would however put up with this feeling again for 3 hours on such a beautiful yacht touring my favorite city in the world New York!  We got a double surprise when the Red Bull Air Race was going on.  I think my squirming around to see the race caused my seasickness, but it was cool to see all the same.

Last – it was cool to see Samantha Bee from The Daily Show with John Stewart on the Cruise.  We actually sat across from her for over an hour while I stared out the windows all around and devoured the provided food on the cruise.  Samantha Bee was there with her husband and with her two children and I’m sure she wouldn’t want me to bother her, but I did sneak this pic:Samantha Bee of the John Stewart Show in NYC on 18 Bridges Tour

Uh yeah, there’s some lady in front of her, but I was trying to be incognito and not weird her or her kids out.  Plus, my boyfriend didn’t see her at all so when we got off the boat, I needed my ‘proof’.  Celebs aside, I was impressed by the diversity of those on the trip and the range of information shared and the questions the professor/tour guide answered.

-XOXO 18 Bridges Girl

The Cloisters in NYC

19 Jun

Jimmy and I decided to start the second day of our vacation by taking a quick walk to get some breakfast and then I came up with the great idea of riding a bus to the Cloisters in upper Manhattan.  Great idea on paper, but in reality the Cloisters are really a long way if you stop at Every Single Light and you get started out on 28th street.  All in all the trip was uneventful, he fell asleep, but I decided to do some people watching and watch Manhattan whiz by.  It was cool to see the city whiz by especially above 110th street.  I felt like I had seen other parts of the bus ride on prior trips to NYC by going on other tours, especially the Gossip Girl Tour we took last December.

We were definitely delighted by the Cloisters and while I never considered myself an art collector before, I am eagerly awaiting the next auction of an Aquamanile.  You can read more about aquamaniles here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquamanile

Aquamanile Rooster NYC Cloisters

Aquamaniles, Fort Tryon Park

Aquamanile Cloisters NYC Fort Tryon ParkI hope you like some of the pics I shared of the Aquamaniles, but I’m not sure it’s that easy to see how beautiful they are and how regal one must have felt pouring water from it. Feel free to buzz me if you have any good photos of aquamaniles as I eagerly wait to get my hands on one.

XOXO – Cloisters Girl

La Holllllla!

19 Apr

San Bernardo Winery - CaliforniaI had a great time  in La Jolla with all of the ladies who showed up for my pal Ting Tangs Bachelerotte Party.  We spent one afternoon touring wineries and my favorite was Bernardino Winery.  It is an urban winery, which means they do not neccesarily grow the grapes on the land they make the wine.  Just imagine you drive through a city where the Golden Girls live (yes, Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy, etc) and up pops a winery.  Pretty cool and getting to meet the owner/wine maker was a major plus.  He wasn’t all hoity toity and obliged my request to tell me how people test a wine.  I like to joke with one of my pals when we go out – I’ll call her Baby Gorilla, and tell her to check the wine.  It’s interesting the 5 steps, but I prefer the answer the wine maker gave – If you like the wine, drink the wine, if you don’t like it – don’t drink it.  All pretentiousness removed.


San Bernado Winery Tour - La Jolla